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Harlequin Floors from The U.K.


HARLEQUIN FLOORS from the U.K. is a manufacturer and supplier of professional floors for dance, the performing arts, entertainment and display.

Recognised as world leaders in advanced technology flooring for dance and performing arts, Harlequin Floors is renowned worldwide, with operations in Europe (London, Luxembourg, Berlin, Paris and Madrid), the Americas (Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Forth Worth) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Sydney).

Harlequin dance and performance floors are versatile and durable because they're designed in close collaboration with the artistic, technical and medical world. Harlequin sprung floors offer assurance for better protection from injuries for dancers, providing them with a feeling of optimum safety. 

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of all Harlequin Floors products in India. 

Harlequin Display & Event Floors 

Harlequin offers vinyl floors that are widely used by production companies for television shows, fashion catwalks, concerts, exhibitions and for display purposes such as car showrooms and window displays:

Harlequin Showfloor - a temporary use matte finish vinyl floor that is ideal for catwalks and exhibitions.

Harlequin Hi-Shine a high gloss, shiny, wet-look vinyl floor that gives an almost mirror effect. It's available in 'metallic' gold, 'metallic' silver, black, white, red, blue and grey and is widely used for the following uses:                                                        

  • television set flooring

  • music video flooring

  • concert flooring

  • award ceremony flooring

  • fashion catwalk flooring

  • exhibition flooring

  • product launch flooring

Harlequin Hi-Shine is a simple tool to add lustre and add a 'wow factor' to your setting.

It can be installed either as a semi permanent installation with the help of double sided tapes and can be reused for future uses, or it can be permanently installed depending upon the client's wants. 

A selection of Harlequin Hi-Shine customers are:

  • Good Morning America

  • NFL

  • Disney Worldwide

  • Ed Sheeran

  • Warner Brothers TV

  • All Access Staging – Demi Lovato on SNL

  • ESPN Productions

  • Hugo Boss

  • X Factor (UK)

  • Britain's Got Talent 

Harlequin Dance Floors

Harlequin Dance Floors are versatile and durable dance floors that are specifically created in consultation with dance experts for all types of dancers.


Special vinyl surfaces are made for different forms of dance such as Aerobics, Ballet, Ballroom, Salsa, Contemporary, Modern, Percussive, Theatre etc. The vinyl can be wither installed as a semi portable installation or as a permanent one. 

1) Harlequin Allegro: The thickest rollout floor available worldwide! Allegro was specially developed to offer superior protection against hard sub-floors and can be laid directly onto a hard surface to provide a “semi-sprung” flooring option. 

2) Harlequin CascadeHarlequin’s top-selling multi-purpose floor and the official floor of American Ballet Theatre. The ultimate heavy-duty floor, with perfect ‘feel’ makes it the top choice of industry professionals for ballet, contemporary, modern and theatrical use.

3) Harlequin Fiesta: Developed by Harlequin out of a need for flooring that replicated a wood surface but without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. The wood tone surface of Fiesta makes it a cost effective alternative to a hardwood dance floor.

4) Harlequin Freestyle: Designed specifically to meet the needs of hip-hop and street dancers. 

5) Harlequin Reversible: The original double-sided dance and stage floor! Reversible is lightweight, rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat making it perfect for touring!

6) Harlequin Standfast: Hardwearing, durable flooring that is ideal as a permanent, multi-purpose, dance or stage floor for heavy-duty use.

7) Harlequin Studio: Formulated to focus on the demands of dancers, Studio is a hardwearing, slip-resistant vinyl floor that offers dancers added confidence for demanding choreography and movement.


You can have a detailed look at the Harlequin Dance floor solutions by opening the attached PDF Files.

Please do contact us in case you need any samples or a demonstration. 

You can also see further details by visiting

Harlequin Printed Vinyl Floors

Have you ever thought of having a totally unique floor for your production, event or display?

Whether you choose your company logo or have a particular design in mind, Harlequin’s printing service will add an exciting new dimension to your Harlequin floor.


A printed finish is available on Harlequin CascadeHarlequin Clarity, Harlequin Reversible or Harlequin Reversible Pro vinyl floors. You can have a completely bespoke design or select one of our standard patterns or images.


Harlequin Clarity is specifically designed for reverse printing. 


The printed design is on the underside of the floor and so protected from wear and damage.

  • Colour matching available

  • Eco-friendly, solvent-free UV cured inks mean very rapid drying times

  • Excellent ink adhesion to the substrate gives a durable, abrasion resistant surface

  • The fire rating of the Harlequin floor is unaffected

  • Harlequin Clarity fire rating Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)