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Artificial Green Wall & Plants

India Carpets and Durafit Floors is pleased to be exclusively associated with GreenTurf Asia (Singapore) for all their artificial landscaping products for India, Bahrain, Qatar, The UAE, Oman and Kuwait. 

Our artificial boxwood hedge wall is an artificial green wall solution that conforms with the highest ratings as per the Singapore Government norms. The hedge wall is outdoor rated and the individual plant strands have a special UV Treatment which prevents if from fading after long exposure to the sun. 

The hedge wall is certified to be fire retardant as per the Singapore Government norms which offers a peace of mind for indoor and outdoor installations. 

We also sell a wide range of individual plants to go along with the hedge wall to add a your version of colour and creativity to the green space. All individual plants also conform to the highest norms for environment and fire safety. 

You can have any artificial green wall design in mind and we will execute it for you. You can see a few of our installed images and design ideas for your reference below or visit

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