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At India Carpets and Durafit Floors, we specialise in supplying all forms of carpeting requirements. We deal in Hand-Tufted Carpets, Printed Nylon Carpets, Sisal Carpets and Carpet Tiles. We are also the sole distributors of KANE Carpets from the USA, for India, The Middle East and the Far East region. We specialise in all stages of carpet supply including quantification and installation. We also provide a free carpet cleaning service which can be used within one year of installation.   

Custom Hand Tufted Carpets

Our journey began in 1968 and our first project was to supply hand tufted carpets which were made in India. Ever since, we have improvised and perfected the art of making Bespoke Hand Made Carpets here in India. 

This program includes the following steps:

1) Design Idea: The client, or we can propose a carpet design idea based on the size, colour, pattern. Based on that we make a digital artwork for the same within two (2) days. The client can choose from over 700 yarn colours available in different yarn weights of (i) 100% New Zealand Wool, (ii) 100% Bamboo Silk, (iii) 100% Viscose, or (iv) a blend of any yarns (wool-viscose, wool-silk etc)

2) Sample Production: After the artwork is approved by the client, we then proceed to make a small sample which incorporates the design and colours. 

3) Production: Once the sample is approved by the client, we start to weave the rug or carpet of your dreams. In normal course, the production and delivery takes around 6-8 weeks. 

4) Installation: Once the carpet is ready, it can be installed according to the clients discretion  Our skilled in-house team of installers ensure the best carpet installation possible. 

We provide one free carpet cleaning service for all our carpets after installation to help maintain its new look for a long time.

You can see some of our Custom Hand Made Rugs and carpets below. Hover over the image for a brief description, and you can click on it for a larger size image. 

KANE Carpet Collection from the USA 

KANE Carpets from the USA is a leading carpet supplier which specialises in woven carpets. Kane carpets is well known across the globe for their abstract patterns, animal skins, contemporary, classical design, geometrical pattern, shaggy pile rugs and outdoor/indoor flat weave carpets.


We have done several high profile and prestigious projects in India and in the Gulf Region with the KANE Carpet Collection including the Maharaja Express Luxury Train, The Harvard Business School (Mumbai), The Emir Terminal at the Hamad International Airport (Qatar) and the IRCTC Office in Delhi and the Kalina Airport Private Terminal in Mumbai, The Cricket Club of India (CCI) Board Room in Mumbai and the Westin Hotel in Pune.  

KANE Carpets also has a special and unique range of carpet tiles for office spaces and other requirements

The KANE Collection comprises of over 250 unique designs which are exclusive to KANE Carpets. You can have a look at the entire collection below along with some real life installed images, or you can drop by to see the entire range with actual samples at our store in South Mumbai.

For further information, you can visit

View our latest carpet range in the PDF File attached below.

KANE Carpet Installations

The Entire Range of KANE Carpet Styles

Sisal Carpets, Exclusively with India Carpets

Sisal Carpets is a type of carpet and rugs that is unique to India Carpets and Durafit Floors. Sisal is a plant which is grown in parts of South America and West Africa. The fibres are extracted from the same and then used to be woven into a carpet and dyed with different colours to create a carpet or rug to suit any setting.

Sisal carpets are made in two weaves, Boucle (Thin/Flat Weave) and Tiger Eye (Thicker Weave).

Sisal Carpets are ideal to provide your setting with a rustic look or finish. It can be used as a rug, a wall to wall carpet, a wall cladding and it can also be placed onto a ceiling. 

You can see our shade card and installed images below. You can click on them for a full size rendering.