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Wooden Flooring

Durafit Floors was established in 2001 to be the premier dealer in all forms of wooden floors. We specialise in all forms of Wooden Floors be in laminate wood, engineered wood, and real solid wood floors. 

We source our wooden floors from the best manufacturers from Europe and guarantee a perfect installation at site along with the best after sales service that anyone can offer!


Outdoor Deck Wood 

We also specialise in Outdoor Decking Wood which is the ideal solution for outdoor balconies, cabanas, spa areas, and other outdoor areas. 

We supply IPE wood (from Brazil) and Pine wood (from New Zealand) for decking jobs and provide a 20-25 year warranty for the wood.

The wood is very strong and can withstand all forces of nature including heavy rainfall and heavy sunlight. 

We recommend oiling the entire deck wood area once every 2-3 years to maintain the wood's colour and finish.


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